Our promises

Nexalis platform architecture

Nexalis platform architecture

Nexalis in a nutshell

  • Improve performance

  • Save money

  • Simplification

  • Take control of your data

  • Security

Supports the transition to sustainable energy

  • Advanced analytics – Predictive maintenance

    Optimize your asset operations with Nexalis and our AI and machine learning 3rd party applications that provide warnings on potential resource failures before they occur.

  • Real time monitoring – Advanced automated control

    Monitor your assets in real time and receive live alerts through Nexalis' high frequency data streams. Our advanced automated control application enables you to instantly trigger appropriate actions based on intelligent monitoring for optimized management.

  • Edge computing

    Enable edge intelligence to boost efficiency, cost savings, security, and reliability. Nexalis allows processing data at the edge by plugging in your in-house applications and third-party software. This decentralized approach ensures continuity during network failures, reduces cloud costs, enables real-time asset monitoring, and more.

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